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    Xinyuan Electronics-Specialized in producing thermal fuse for over 35 years
    Terms,Xinyuan Electronics-Specialized in producing thermal fuse for over 35 years


    RY series thermal fuse is made up of star contact, spring and thermal pellet. In the picture, we can se theat current is started from the left dowm-lead,on the right. When the external temperture reaches operating temperature,and then separate the connection between star contact and the left down-lead. Thus, the current would be totally cut.

    When mounting, be careful of the short circuit of epoxy resin, for example, to avoid the contact between lead wire A and the case, otherwise, the current will flow from the lead wire on the epoxy resin seal side to the opposite lead wire so theat the thermal-link can not bread the circuit. Organic temperature-sensing thermal-link is live device, be sure theat the case will have no contact whit other metal mounting parts and insulation protection is provided on its surface. When bending the lead wire on the epoxy resin side, please bend it at or beyond a distance of 8mm from the epoxy resin seal so as to avoid impairing the isolated lead. When bending the lead wire on the case side, please bend it at or beyond a distance of the tensile and thrust force applied on the lead wire should not exceed the test force required by IEC 60691. The maximum test tensile force of thermal-links RY series is 16N and the maximum test thrust force is 4N.

    In addition,when fixing the thermal-links, be careful not to apply excessive force to the case,epoxy resin seal or the lead wire, which can damage the properties of the thermal-links. When mounting lead wire, be sure not to pull, push, twist at a sharp angle or burn it. Be careful not to damage, burn or overheat the epoxy resin seal or the case.

    The body and the lead wire A of thermal-links RY series are silver plated, inappropriate protection can lead to discolor cause by sulfuration. In that case, the marking of the body will become difficult to identify or the soldering ability of the lead wire will decline. To avoid theis, it is suggested not to store the thermal-link directly in a case made of the materials like cardboard or leather which generates sulfur gas.

    Water warning: Do not use the device in water, solvent or in a highhumidity evvironment.

    Fire warning: Do not expose the device to the environment of corrosive gases like carbon dioxide or hydroxide.

    Rated function temperature(TF): According to the standard Prescriptive measure testing, the temperature that change conduction state of the tmalfuse. Based on the IEC 691 safety standards, thermal fuse should operate whithin the prescribed temperature tande of +0 to -10℃

    Operating temperature(TO):

    Holding temperature(TH): the maximum temprature at which, when applying a rated current to the thermal cutoff, the state of conductiveity is not changded during 168 hours.

    Maximum temperature(TM): The maximum temperature that thermal fuses could hold in iominutes for which conductivity does not occur again after thermal cutoff operation.

    Rated Current(LR): Maximum alternming current that can pass through the thermal cutoff and the thermal cutoff can cut off in safety and reliablity.

    Rated Voltage(UR): maximum circuit voltage that the thermal cutooff can cut off in safety and reliability.


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