The Office depot of Roofs with Clay-based Roof Roof tiles

18 Nov

The Office depot of Roofs with Clay-based Roof Roof tiles

A smaller village near Chettinad churns out the most bewitching terracotta tiles. These hand woven flooring tiles exhibit good unparalleled charm and creative endeavor. The tiles are reasonably priced about Rs. you may need to consider this as an acceptible alternative to ceramic mosaic glass. Desc A tiny village near Chettinad churns out the a lot of bewitching terracotta tiles. Along with wouldn’t find Athangudi throughout the map, even if you may searched for it! Which sleepy village lies shut to Karaikudi, in Chettinad district, and has been where you can find and synonymous with a lot off the most exquisite terracotta tiles, peculiar to the house.

These hand made floor tiles exhibit an remarkable charm and craft. Earned as a cottage industry, these tiles retain the polish and colour popular and are extremely longlasting as well as costeffective. Crafted lovingly out related sand, baby jelly, artificial oxides and cement, this Athangudi tiles are forged in locally available clay courts. The clay imparts the unusual grainy texture to these roof tiles. They are first burnt, and in this case glazed. Its’ easy to differentiate an Athangudi tile after its’ traditional line drawings, geometric patterns, muted designs as well as often the flora and fauna elements.

Each tile is usually i” thick and resorting to lies them on flooring ingests a specialized technique. After resting these tiles, they are generally first cleaned with husk, and thereafter mopped having a few drops of important oil to retain the charlie sheen over the years. It’s a wise idea to be gentle sorts of tiles, for they are given to scratches. They come conventional black and white mentally stimulating games board patterns and natural hues like burnt sienna, terracotta, wine and pale yellow. are reasonably priced about Rs. , but possibly be got cheaper.

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